Got toenail fungus?Nasty nails on toes and/or fingers? Covering them with nail polish or acrylic nails?

Can't wear sandals? Pain or discomfort when walking?

Are they lifting? Do they smell?

Embarrassed? Don't be! You are not alone!

The statistics about the scale of fungal nail infections (aka onychomycosis) are not reliable. Wouldn't you feel a bit apprehensive about discussing your toes with anyone other than your doctor?

Based on selective surveys of podiatrists who claim that 70-80% of their patients have nail mycosis American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has made a stunning estimate: at least 30 millions Americans have or have had fungus under their nails. One in four adults will have a fungal nail infection at least once before they reach the age of forty. The numbers increase substantially as people age, because it is the elderly who tend to be more susceptible to this affliction.

How Can I Get Rid of the Fungus?

About 75% of the people with infected nails will go to their local drug store and pick up a product that they think will help. The most alarming toenail fungus statistics is that about 94% of those who purchase an anti-fungal topical from the drug store will have a chronic problem that recurs within a few months of the treatment.

Why Not Go to a Doctor?

Toenail fungus is a very resilient species that is difficult to treat and eradicate completely because it is safely protected by the nail. Most doctors will be very pessimistic about your cure prospects because nothing really works. All conventional treatment options are designed to deal with the symptoms and not the cause.

If Left Untreated Fungus Will Get Worse

Nail fungus infections are not just a cosmetic bother. It is a disease that should be treated, preferably at an early stage. If left untreated onychomycosis will get worse. You can get Paronychia, Onycholysis, permanent nail damage; and fungi may spread to other parts of the body.


Conventional Medicine Does Not Have a Cure for Fungus Toenails


What Cures Fungus?

The use of lasers in podiatry has changed the rules of the battle with fungal infections under nails on toes and fingers. In 2009 a handful of podiatrists in the U.S. offered the therapy using Pinpointe laser. Treatment sessions were long (40-45 minutes), painful and delivered mixed results due to the small spot size and low power.

By summer 2011 laser assisted nail treatment became the gold standard of the medical anti-fungal therapy. More powerful devices are now avaialble to laser podiatrists and dermatologists. Treatments are faster, less painful, safe and highly effective.

Nail'n'Toe providers offer the most comprehensive approach to treating nails infected by fungi. We combine regular nail debridement (medical trimming and filing), multiple treatments with a powerful laser, strong topical medication and prevention into a synergistic program that delivers the best clinical results for our patients.

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Laser for Nail Fungus - Safe, Pain-free and Highly Effective on All Skin Types

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