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What is onychomycosis and why it is so hard to treat?

Fungal spores reside in the nail bed - securely protected by your nails. "Natural" cures for nail fungus and anti-fungal solutions (both OTC and prescription) cannot penetrate through the nail plate to release the active ingredients into the epidermis of the skin under the nail.

Oral medication has to go through your stomach and liver to get into the blood stream and reach your toes to deliver an active dosage of the drug to kill that Digger the Dermatophyte highlighted by Lamisil commercials. That is a daunting task. Imagine all the spots inside your body that this toxic drug will stain on its long way to toes or fingers!

How toenail fungus laser treatment works

Laser for toe fungus produces ultra intense light and heat, which go right through the nail plate and the skin of the nail bed. The laser beam may destroy the DNA of the fungi allowing the root of the nail (aka matrix) to recover from the infection and grow a healthy new nail.

Used in conjunction with other treatment modalities these laser procedures deliver the highest clinical efficacy available to contemporary medicine.

Why Nail'n'Toe laser treatment for fungus?

There are a few lasers on the market that can be used as nail fungus laser. Pinpointe was the first foot laser that became available to podiatrists in the U.S. in 2008. Now there is a Cooltouch, GenesisPlus by Cutera; Sciton is pushing their Nd:YAG device for onychomycosis. Will there be more lasers? Of course! Which one is the best?

Laser podiatrists need safe, powerful, fast and compact devices to achieve the best clinical results for their patients at an affordable price. The cost of laser treatment of fungus is in the $850-1,600 range for a full course, and is not covered by insurance plans. It is a self-paid therapy that has to be affordable.

High Power That’s Pain-free

Nail'n'Toe uses the best in class device made by Aerolase and approved by FDA in 2003 for the ablation of soft tissue as well as for numerous other applications in aesthetic medicine, such as permanent hair removal, pigmentation, spider veins, tattoo removal and more. The laser is capable of delivering a very high power beam of light with a minimum discomfort for the patient.

Some fungal species are resistant to light treatment, and practitioners have to use very high energy to get the efficacy they have to deliver for the patient. Some of the lasers mentioned above can output high energy but will cause a lot of pain and discomfort to the patient and potentially burn the nail and skin tissue. Foot doctors using these lasers have no choice but use low power settings on these machines - thus sacrificing the efficacy of the treatment. Aerolase LightPod Neo allows physicians use the energy that is 10-50 times higher than other lasers - safely, without pain, and with the highest efficacy achievable today.

What does Nail'n'Toe include?

Your doctor will create an individual treatment plan for your specific case. A typical program will include 4-5 visits to the doctor's office spaced 4-6 weeks apart and a topical treatment at home over 3-6 months. The core of the therapy:

  • 1. Nail Debridement (trimming and filing with a special machine)
  • 2. Laser Treatment (all toenails are treated to eliminate all spores)
  • 3. Prescription Topical Medication
  • 4. Preventive Regimen

Does It Work?

Nail’n’Toe has learned a lot since mid-2009 and after over 2,500 cases. The treatment protocol has been streamlined and optimized to achieve the highest cure rate for each patient. What is our guarantee? There are no guarantees in any medical procedures. We stand behind our therapy, and our guarantee to you is that we will treat your condition to achieve the best results beyond the initially prescribed therapy at no extra cost.


Laser for Nail Fungus - Safe, Pain-free and Highly Effective on All Skin Types

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